I'm trying to develop web-based collaborative projects to raise awareness about oneself and one's environment by using collaborative web tools such as Google Maps.

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Everyone can collaborate uploading pictures, videos or text about a particular issue/theme and then locate himself or the object he wants to talk about on a shared and collaborative Google Map: go to the next page, click on the map to enlarge it, then you'll end up on the googlemap page, click on EDIT, drag the blue baloon you'll see on top left and then drag it in order to locate yourself. Then you just need to type a text or put the link to a picture or a video on youtube. Have a go!

An interesting example of web-based Collaborative Projects:

Margaret Lovejoy Turning Point website: people can write and share their own story about a turning point in their life...It is really interesting because 1.you can tell a story (that is so important for your well being and own identity) 2. you can share it 3. you can not just write or read a story but also draw it and watch it. Words are not the only channel!

1. Interactive art projects: moving squares and emo-art projects
I would like to develop interactive art projects, especially in public spaces, where people can
create something all together just by exploiting usual and familiar movements or emotions.
Tools to detect and track movements and their relative dynamics and emotional signals and indexes are very important, so it is the study of synaesthetic-like processes in order to find a good way to convert movement infos and emotional signals like face expressions, body postures, gestures and even psychophysiological signals, into "suitable" colours, shapes and dynamic patterns to be, for example, projected into a screen. My aim is to enhance the emotional experience of both the performer and the audience and also let people be part of the art work so that it is as such not in itself but in its interaction with the audience and between people from the audience

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2. Collaborative projects