For the past few years several projects have been carried out for developing interactive tools and systems to be exploited in several scenarios among which art and art performances. By interactive tools and systems I mean something that let people "affect and be affected by" something in the social and physical environment. Interaction means being subject and object of the same action at the same time, it means "constructing and being constructed by" what one is living and experiencing. In interactive art installations the art work is not something already made that one can watch end explore but it becomes an art work in its interaction with the audience

see some examples:
Nathaniel amazing works
Studio Azzurro


1. Moving squares! Converting usual movements of people in a public space (such as walking, running, cycling) into shapes, colours and dynamic patterns to be projected onto a screen that everybody in the public space can watch: people could become aware of their presence in the public space and of the fact that the space is public therefore shared. By moving together everybody could create something ever changing according to all their movements dynamics.

2. Emo-art! Converting pshychophysiological signals and expressive-behavioral idexes of emotions into colours and shapes and dynamic patterns to be projected onto screen. For example with a screen located behind a dancer, so that the audience could see her emotions converted into something more "tangible"/"phenomenal" that is colours and shapes and the dancer could watch the same thing on a screen behind the audience which would represent the audience emotional response.

HOW? For this kind of projects I'd like to exploit my psychological background and experience in emotional modeling and also studies and research results in synaesthesia and synaesthetic relationships between colours, emotions, and movement dynamics. Also I would like to collaborate with any engeneer or informatic scientist interested in this kind of projects

-->See the research team I've worked with: Emotionware
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