I like thinking of myself as a tree whose branches takes different directions towards the same beautiful thing.

I'm trying to find my own profession, a special figure to cut and carve out of a complex, multi-coloured and ever-changing background of interests, skills and knowledge I've been acquiring by studying, working or just travelling and talking to people. I'm trying to find my own niche in the art scenarios without throwing away but exploiting my psychological background.

I've been studying psychology since 2000 and after graduation in 2005 I started working as a communication and cultural psychologist in several fields like anthropological research, marketing research and academic research on emotions. I've worked also with a team of Engineers and Informatic Scientists (EMOTIONWARE) to develop emotional models and architectures and tools able to track emotional signals (expressive behaviors and psychophysiological signals). But I asked to myself: and then? what's the point when we manage to track these signals or get infos about body movements? I mean, how could this be straightaway useful to people and their well-being? Well, I wanted to find a way to convert these informations into something more tangible (for example colours...see my projects) thus easier to manipulate, easier to handle and therefore more likely to make people aware of hidden relationships between individuals and their context and between parts of their self.

And Art is so powerful for that. For transcoding, converting, re-reading, re-telling, re-framing, re-meaning.

Indeed I always had other interests and passions than psychology, and one of these has always been Art, especially photography, video, and installations. Something absolutely interesting to me are interactive and collaborative art projects and how art can be used to raise awareness of one's own social and physical environment, to tell about one's own identity and culture, to tell the story of oneself and the space, physical or phantasmal, objective or illusive, one lives and shares with other beings.

It's telling stories, and co-telling stories by any available media, that let one link things and events and locate them into meaningful contexts thus enriching oneself with very good materials for dreams and waking life

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